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Vyshyvanka Fest 2024

UA in UK Community and Volkova PR&Fashion Talents Agency invite all residents and guests of London to join in the celebration of International Embroidery Day and visit the Vyshyvanka Fest, which will not only introduce the British society to Ukrainian traditional clothing, remind Ukrainians of the power of national identity, but will once again draw public attention to the war in Ukraine through cultural promotion.

📍Location: DSQube - gallery of Devonshire Square, Western Courtyard - London EC2M 4YE - DSQ London

Schedule of Vyshyvanka Fest (16-19 May) 

Thursday, 16.05 - festival opening party by invitation

18.00 - doors & welcome drinks by Piana Vyshnia and Vadim Granovskiy

19.00 - official ceremony of opening, fashion show

20.00-22.00 - networking

All other days:

10.00-20.00 - an exhibition of fashion illustrations on the theme of embroidery by Tetyana Chulkova and a collection of Ukrainian traditional clothes of the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th century from different regions of Ukraine by Olena Orenchak, pop-up, consultations of stylists, photo zone

Free enter, donation for enter if guests will want to support our Community. We will draw gifts among guests who register in advance on our website or make a donation.

Friday, 17.05

19.00 - lecture by award winning Ukrainian barista Vadym Granovskiy - «A story about Ukraine in the language of coffee»(Українознавство мовою кави) - (eng, ua)

Saturday, 18.05

13.00 - lecture by Olena Orenchak - artist, weaver, collector Ukrainian traditional clothes - «National identity and

individuality in Ukrainian traditional clothes» (eng, ua)

17.00 - workshop by Olena Orenchak - artist, weaver, collector Ukrainian traditional clothes - «Vibiyka is an ancient tradition

the art of designing fabrics» (eng, ua)

19.00 - workshop by Khrystyna Huzo - artist and founder of the decor studio «Kristian Huzo event» - «The art of tying a Ukrainian scarf» (ua, can help with translation, easy to understand)

Sunday, 19.05

13.00-16.30 - international networking

13.00-13.30 - welcome-drink, introducing

13.30 - lecture by Hanna Lymar, Art historian, PhD in Fine Arts - «The role of the Ukrainian national costume in the ceremonial traditions of the Ukrainian people» (eng, ua)

14.15 - break

14.30 - lecture by Diana Kocheva, Founder of Super Secret Art Club, Guest lecturer at Sotheby’s - "Unknown Heritage: How Vyshyvanka Inspired the Art World" (eng, ua)

15.15 - break

15.30 - practicum by Maria Springis is an award-winning director and producer, the founder of the video production company in Great Britain, Dreams Into Reality production - «Expertise in creating video content: own capabilities and a professional approach» (eng, ua)

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